man and woman married in vail colorado

About Vail Golf Club Wedding Venue

A theme that I love so, so much is a clean, classical wedding aesthetic. In my time as a photographer, I feel like it’s becoming more and more popular to have fun colors and vibes, but a clean aesthetic. Finding a venue that offers the type of vibe you desire is a wonderful way to let the venue “be the decor.” It lets the location speak for itself without having to dedicate a lot of head space and labor to getting the venue "ready".

The Vail Golf Club offers beautiful views of the Gore Range mountains outside and inside the venue. You can enjoy the scenery and beauty of Vail, while also feeling a sense of privacy. You also have the wonderful option of using Wedding Island, where you can fit a smaller wedding out there with the utmost gorgeous views of the gore range. You can come back to the clubhouse for your happy hour, or you can hangout at the cocktail lawn. The Vail Golf and Nordic Clubhouse provides a serene setting to gather and celebrate with your whole group.

Not interested in going down to wedding island? No worries! You can stay right at the venue, and go down there for photos, or skip it all together. The venue has many gorgeous views regardless of what you are wanting for photos! Their grounds are large enough to have a variety of backgrounds.

Intention and being in the moment

Ron and Karen's wedding was THEM. These two and all their friends and families were all sweethearts and brought such a fun energy to the day. These two weren't interested in all the bells and whistles, but a simple day filled with the people they love! As the photographer, I had time to take tons of friends and family pictures outside the wedding venue during the cocktail hour, which gives a gift to their beautiful friends and family.

Karen and Ron were great about building in enough time to truly enjoy the day. I feel like when you’re able to relax during your getting ready moments, it really sets the tone for the rest of your wedding day, and we got all of our photos done before the ceremony - allowing ample time to truly soak in the day.

About the couple’s wedding day

For Karen and Ron, they wanted to keep things simple, so they went right from photos, into the cocktail hour, into the ceremony, and then into dinner. Usually cocktail hour is after the ceremony, but they wanted it to be before, and for dinner to follow. This is a style that a friend did at their wedding, and they enjoyed it - so they followed it!

Hello, classic!

I would love to see more bridal party or group photos of everyone just casually sitting on the grass together and having a good time, as I love a documentary/fine art style. I feel like it looks so much more relaxed and is genuinely fun. I love blending poses with casual, classic elegance! I also have to give a shout out to the amazing florist. The floral arrangements made by Double Dutch Floral added “it factor” classical touch.


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The Amazing Vendor Team

Photographer: Sierra Sturt Photo @sierrasturtphoto

Venue: Vail Golf & Nordic Clubhouse @vailgolfandnordicclubhouse

DJ: Kevin Danzig

Catering: Vail Golf & Nordic Clubhouse @vailgolfandnordicclubhouse

Florals: Double Dutch Floral @doubledutchfloral

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